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Santa Clara Home

"My wife and I recently bought our first house with Vinicius. We met him by chance when we stepped into a house he was selling. We were so impressed by his honesty that we decided we want to work with him as our agent.  Vinicius is one of the most honest persons I have ever met. We saw dozens of houses with him and spent long hours during long night phone calls trying to make up our mind whether to buy a specific house or not. Each conversation with him was a pleasure and educational since he knows so much about the bay area and the different neighborhoods in each city. Other than that he is also very knowledgeable regarding renovations fixes and costs that might come to play after you buy a house. And he always considers those things before giving his candid opinion on a house. We looked for the right house with him for close to 5 months and he was always very patient and never tried to push us to a deal. Vinicius was always (and still is:-) available during the whole process and I see him today much more as my friend than a realtor. Vinicius is highly regarded (from my experience) by other realtors in the area. I have already recommended him to friends of mine and definitely will recommend him to anyone else!!!"  - N. Frenkel (Buyer)