Client Testimonials

3157 Dallas Ct, Santa Clara

We really enjoyed working with Vinicius and his team. Vinicious was able to sell our home when others failed. He was able to provide meaningful insights as to why our house wasn't selling. Upon making the necessary changes he was able to sell our house quickly and over asking! Thank you Vinnie for making the process so easy for us!
Linda G
2960 Jerald Ave, Santa Clara

Vinicius was very helpful in getting our home ready and selling it. He is easy to work with, friendly and very knowledgeable about the Santa Clara real estate market. We worked with him as COVID hit and he was able to adjust and patiently wait for things to stabilize. I really appreciated his help in doing the renovations to our home to make it more wonderful for the buyers. We moved out of state before the sale and knew our home was in good hands with Vinicius.
Anne T
2273 Pyle Court, Santa Clara

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Vinicius in selling our beloved Santa Clara home. He has a deep understanding of the real estate market in Santa Clara. Because of this, he was able to appreciate the unique value our home brought to our specific neighborhood. Vini and his team worked quickly and diligently to stage and beautify our home to make it ready for sale. The strategic knowledge of the local market, the staging, the photos and videos he provided all make working with Vinicius Brasil the best value in the business! Thank you Vini!
Tony D
3187 Dallas Court, Santa Clara

If you are selling in Santa Clara or nearby you need to have Vinicius Brasil as your agent. We saw that Brasil Group had more listings than anyone else all the time and we certainly found out why. At every stage, Vinicius handled our home sale at an expert level. Home prep, staging, moving out, pricing, and offer review -- all received his careful, personal attention. No one knows this market better than Vinicius.
Mark C.
392 Nottingham Way, Campbell

Vinicius is an amazing realtor who possesses a staggering breadth of knowledge about his domain and a keen eye for detail. While he provided excellent advice during our home-search, I was most pleasantly surprised to find out just how accessible and willing to help he was after we had closed on our home. From hiring contractors for flooring and fixtures to setting up home networks and automation, Vinicius can provide invaluable advice across a wide range of topics. Talking to him is like speaking with an old friend and he is always willing to delve deeper into any topics you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. I highly recommend him!

Manik K
2325 Thompson Pl, Santa Clara

Vinicius is a true professional and the best realtor in Santa Clara. When I met with him he was very clear and honest about my home. He took his time to explain the market with me and talk about my home. He knows everything about Santa Clara. I told him I was not in a hurry, and he said that if I waited I could get a better price and he was right. When I listed the home we just got low offers, but he reassured me as time went on we would get better offers. Every month the offers were higher. His experience and knowledge of the market helped me get the price I wanted. He never told me I needed to lower my price to sell, even though it took a couple of months and left his staging in the home and paid for all of it. He always was looking out for me and wanted me to get the best price.
Harry H
2191 Santa Cruz Ave, Santa Clara

Vinicius was everything I wanted in an agent. As a lifetime resident of Santa Clara, I had met Vinicius on a few occasions. His professional demeanor and knowledge of the Santa Clara market are second to none. He doesn't have that salesman feel. Talking to him felt as if I were talking to an old friend. He had solidified in my mind, that if I ever sold my home, I'd call him first. Having close friends who are active agents made this decision a little difficult. But, I wanted an agent that had proven their worth in my neighborhood. Once we agreed on the sale of my home. Vinicius had his team help get my home ready to sell. We set a schedule that worked for me. He was always in contact and made no promises that he couldn't keep. When a home that had more work done than mine, sold for less than I wanted. I called with concern that I was making a big mistake. Vinicius assured me. He said that the agent that had listed that home was attempting to get more exposure at a low price. He then said, "I don't know why they started so low. That house could have sold for more". I believed him. He had current comps and showed me how valuable my house would be in the current market. Vinicius then had a contractor come in and fix my home. It was beautiful. It was so nice I could have stayed. We planned the date to place it on the market and a price to start at. I was sweating bullets the whole time. Vinicius calmly assured me that all was going to plan. That based on the market conditions, lack of competition, and a home that showed like a model. I should get every bit of what I wanted on the low end. When the day came to show my home, one of my neighbors called me. He told me that the whole street was a parking lot. Hundreds of people looked at my house in a week's time. Vinicius was then able to take the 12 offers we had and whittle them down to 3 really strong options. He created a spreadsheet for me. This made it easy to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each offer side by side. After all was said and done. I got $158,000 more than asking, and everything went exactly as planned all the way to the close date. I can now move on with my new life in another home in another state. I wish I could have taken Vinicius with me to be my buyers' agent. I firmly believe that you will be happy with Vinicius. At the very least, give him a call. That will give you a good standard to start with.
Robert M
470 Muriel Court, Santa Clara

We first met Vinicius at the Santa Clara Art and Wine festival in 2019. We had been looking for a house for over 2 years, so we were getting desperate and looked for others to help. We started talking with him and described our situation and what we were looking for. He agreed to help us and we signed up for his mailing list. This wasn't the first time we talked to a real estate agent, but this was the first one who actually asked us more detailed questions outside of the size of the home. This extra level of service allowed him to understand our family better. While, at his initiative, he had sent out hundreds of flyers trying to find us a home, none of those turned to work. A few months later, we get an email that he had found the house we were lookign for. Vinicius through a personal connection found an off-market house that would be perfect for us. It didn't fit all of our needs, but Vinicius explained the area and how some minor changes to the house could happen. We had lots of detailed discussions on both the macro and micro economic forces involved and what the right price was. Despite the seller and us not initially agreeing on terms, Vinicius worked with everyone involved to help close the deal. His vision on the house, where the market was, and where it was going was spot on. He helped us tremendously buy at the right time, and my kids love the house, the yard, and the neighborhood.
Hitomi V
930 Rancho Pl, San Jose

I just closed on my very first home purchase. I was not really sure what the home buying process was going to be like and I have heard from others that it can be a quite long and arduous process. However, I feel like Vinicius made it as simple as it could possibly be. Vinicius listened to the things that I was looking for in a home and was also able to ask questions to help fill in the gaps of the things that I had not thought of. There were times where I was "trigger happy" and just wanted to put an offer in, but he reminded me the magnitude of this decision and and to think about the decision more thoroughly before we go through with an offer. I ended up decided to wait, and we ended up getting the perfect home for me. He had truly listened to what I was looking for so when I wanted to put an offer for a home that wasn't actually right for me he was able to advocate In helping me make the best decision. I believe this speaks to his character and his willingness/desire to put his clients first.
Adam M
2318 Stanford Pl, Santa Clara

Recently, we needed to sell our home in Santa Clara rather quickly due to work relocation. We remembered meeting Vinicius at an open house 4 years ago and he left a great impression. Since I'm kind of a real estate dude (I read and look at Redfin almost every day and go to all the open houses I can in our neighborhood) I've watched Vinicius's listings and have seen a track record for success. So when I needed an agent I called him. I shared with him my situation and need to sell my home yesterday. He immediately took action and ownership as the listing agent and got us on the market in one week and held an open house that following weekend with a custom preview video of our home, flyers, for sale signs, marketing emails, etc....a lot to coordinate but he was so on it that he got it done beautifully! Vinicius kept us informed and educated throughout the entire process from start to finish. I strongly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home in Santa Clara, CA area. He knows the area so well and his team of real estate professionals are so nice and helpful!! Treat yourself to a stress and drama free transaction and use The Brasil Real Estate Team!
Shane L
3207 Benton St, Santa Clara

Really enjoyed the experience of working with him! He was our buying and selling agent. He is very ethical, business focused and a patient guy. Thank you Vinicius, we really appreciate you and your team's work!
Raji P
2244 Emmett Court, Santa Clara

Working with Vinicius and his team was delightful. During our first meeting, he was well prepared and knew all the comps and everything about our neighborhood. He sold us on making some updates that would help us sell and knows what buyers are looking for. He had a plan and he and his team executed it to perfection. The updates, the staging, the marketing were all first class. We have been to multiple open houses and no one does a better job than him and his team. He sold our home in a little over a week and higher than the last sale in the neighborhood. He and his team took care of everything. He has earned my highest recommendation for anyone looking for a real estate agent.
Neil G. M
1632 Cabrillo Ave, Santa Clara

My wife and I recently bought our dream home in Santa Clara. Vinicius, Sushama and Manisha represented us and did an amazing job getting our offer accepted and working around our hectic travel schedule to close on time. We also selected them to put our old home on the market. Vinicius and his team were the most professional of the realtors we spoke with and had the best insights on how to price the house given the neighborhood, current market condition, and buyer trends. In addition to their knowledge of the South Bay market, Vinicius and his team knew how to prepare and stage our home to maximize its appeal. Vinicius suggested some very smart and effective upgrades and his designers did an amazing job with the staging (made me regret selling the home a little, it looked so good!). Vinicius and team also went beyond the call of duty when we moved into our new home, helping us setup the various smart home systems the owner had installed and connecting us with a couple of the suppliers who built the home to address some warranty issues. I couldn’t think of a better team to help you buy or sell a home.
Agustin Fonts
753 Yale Lane, Santa Clara

Hello I recently worked with Vinicius Brasil in Santa Clara selling my mothers home. I live out of state. Vinicius was very caring and professional. He was quite knowledgeable about the area, had extensive contacts with home repairs. We had a fair amount of cosmetic work done. He organized everything, and came in on time, and on budget. The house was sold in seven days, with an offer over asking price. I would recommend Vinicius Brasil as a competent and caring real estate professional
Lisa L
3321 Pearltone Drive, San Jose

Vinicius is great. He is nice, honest and trustworthy. He did a good job negotiating and getting things done in time. I will recommend him to my friends and family.
Ivonne P
2345 Thompson Place, Santa Clara

Vini helped me buy a home in 2008, and this year in 2019 he helped me sell it. The process was very smooth. Most of all I appreciated his advice and deep knowledge of the Santa Clara market. We were able to time the sale for maximum effect, and he knew every property up for sale in the area and which were our real competitors. Thanks Vini!
Elizabeth H
1826 Washington St, Santa Clara

Vinicius is the Santa Clara Real Estate Guy for a reason. My wife and I recently sold our home and he made it an enjoyable experience despite the stress of selling a home. Everything was taken care of without hesitation... whether it was getting inspections done early or getting contractors in to prep the house for sale, he and the team took care of it. If you're looking to sell your home, we highly recommend using Vinicius.
Donald B
3141 Monroe St, Santa Clara

Vinicius is the correct realtor to interview for your needs. He will earn your trust, he will study your dreams and needs, he will handle all that is very necessary with your sale. He handled our estate sale very competently, and we appreciate the attention to detail that he exercised on our behalf. If you are in need of a top notch realtor, contact Mr. Brasil. His expertise is beyond compare, and his trust was truly earned by us. He sold our house in Santa Clara in just a few days, and everything was done professionally and without error. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Vini and his team. In my book, he is the only realtor I would recommend in the area.
Tony S

"My wife and I recently bought our first house with Vinicius. We met him by chance when we stepped into a house he was selling. We were so impressed by his honesty that we decided we want to work with him as our agent.

Vinicius is one of the most honest persons I have ever met. We saw dozens of houses with him and spent long hours during long night phone calls trying to make up our mind whether to buy a specific house or not. Each conversation with him was a pleasure and educational since he knows so much about the bay area and the different neighborhoods in each city. Other than that he is also very knowledgeable regarding renovations fixes and costs that might come to play after you buy a house. And he always considers those things before giving his candid opinion on a house. We looked for the right house with him for close to 5 months and he was always very patient and never tried to push us to a deal. Vinicius was always (and still is:-) available during the whole process and I see him today much more as my friend then a realtor. Vinicius is highly regarded (from my experience) by other realtors in the area. I have already recommended him to friends of mine and definitely will recommend him to anyone else!!!"
Nir Frenkel
3024 Alexander Ave, Santa Clara

We're running about 4 months behind on this review, Sorry Vinicius! After meeting with Vinicius for the first time we knew he would be our agent. The home we were selling was the home I was raised in and the home our children were raised in, so there was a fair amount of reassuring and "hand-holding" through the process. Once we signed on with him the ball started rolling quickly. The contractor/subcontractors showed up soon after and got to work. Everyone was courteous and focused on getting the job done right. Vinicius was there either in person or via phone to address any concern and answer any questions. He got the job done in a timely manner! If you're looking for someone knowledgeable about all things Santa Clara, someone whose got his finger on the market pulse, and who is personable, kind and genuine, Give Vinicius a call.
Katherine R
1972 Hastings Ct, Santa Clara

I've purchased and sold several homes, and Vinicius is the best realtor I have ever worked with. We relocated out of the area and communication was one of my top concerns when selecting a realtor. Vinicius provided frequent updates and sent pictures that kept us involved and informed at every step along the way. He did an unbelievable job coordinating contractors to repair and refurbish our house for a smooth sale and happy buyers down the road. After seeing the process he brings to the seller side of the transaction, I would not hesitate to purchase any home that he represents. Honest, professional and transparent at every step of the process, I have no qualms about giving him the highest possible recommendation.
Geoffry C
687 Valley Way, Santa Clara

Vinicius is the consummate professional. He always kept us on track when selling our Santa Clara home and followed through on his commitments. Our house sold for more than expected; not sure what else to say. There is no need to look elsewhere; Vinicius did what he set out to do. Thanks Vinicius!
Christopher H
3056 Taper Avenue, Santa Clara

Vinicius helped sell my fathers estate home. When we met with Vinicius he made us feel comfortable that he could handle everything for us. Since we live out of state we were concerned that we might have to make several trips back to clean out the house, sell household items, sign papers, and take care of the property but we never had to go back. Vinicius handled it all - from keeping an eye on the property, setting up estate sale company, finding contractors to clean and fixing up the property. He kept in contact with us to let us know estimates, how things were progressing with updates, listing dates and made us feel at ease. Within 2 weeks of listing we had offers and closed on the house a month after listing it. Would highly recommend Vinicius - he is top notch and did an excellent job!! We can't thank him enough for all his hard work and attention to detail!!
Kenneth V
3631 Randolph Ave, Santa Clara

When we first met Vinnie, we were trying to figure out what to do. We recently retired and had already paid off our current home. Should we keep the house, rent it and move or sell? We met with Vinnie and a few other realtors. Vinnie showed up prepared, with market data on rentals, sales, etc. The others stopped by and offered casual conversation. Needless to say, Vinnie made the best first impression. After considering our situation and objectives, we decided to sell. Not only did Vinnie help us through all the steps in this process, he also helped us upgrade our kitchen. We had ideas for a relatively small renovation. We spoke with a number of contractors – at least those who responded – and came to the conclusion that nobody wanted to work with us on such a small project. Vinnie stepped in with contractors he works with frequently and helped us remodel within budget and on time. With the kitchen finished, Vinnie swung into action with his marketing campaign. He brought in stagers, created a beautiful portfolio of pictures, and carefully timed when our home appeared on the market. 10 days later, we sold at well over asking. It was a pleasure working with Vinnie and his team. We’re very happy we signed up with Vinnie and certain you will too!
Kay K
148 Bel Ayre Drive, Santa Clara

Vinicius hit high positive notes in every category. Our house sold in 10 days and was well over the asking price. His marketing skills, including social media,  helped in getting our house before many eyes. The brochures, the staging, and the videos that included wonderful drone shots definitely enhanced the look and feel of the house. Vinicius noticed early on there was a discrepancy with the total square footage of the house and he worked to rectify the error which turned out to be a good catch that made a difference in the total value of the property in our favor. Vinicius is the real estate guy who knows how to get it done.
Jeffrey Marcus
2124 San Antonio Pl, Santa Clara

Vini was (and is) great. We sold a modest home in Santa Clara in late 2017 in a crazy market. My wife and I interviewed four realtors before choosing Vini. The choice was made based on 1) local knowledge, 2) ability to reach the widest market (including Indian & Asian), 3) probability to successfully turn outreach to interest, 4) marketing (some of the above and staging), 5) perceived ability to negotiate (clever ideas and tactics), and 6) personality. In Santa Clara there are a lot of great realtors and the competition was very stiff. We ended up choosing Vini because he was as good as others in all categories and better in local knowledge, marketing and negotiation. He did not disappoint. Extremely responsive and knowledgeable. While the market was a bit crazy, we think he obtained the best price possible in the shortest time. It sold for approximately 21% over asking (a reasonable asking price, given market conditions at the time) in ten days. Great experience, great realtor.
Mike H
229 Kiely Blvd, Unit A, Santa Clara

Vinicius had great insights on how we should remodel our condo. He supervised the whole process to make sure everything was done right. He knew the area well and was well connected. My condo was sold 20% over asking and closed 2 weeks early. I would be happy to do business with Vinicius again.
Wai Seto
521 Delridge Drive, San Jose

Vinicius was referred to me by a friend who had just sold his house in Santa Clara and came very highly recommended. To be honest, I was a little worried that Vinicius wouldn't be the best choice for selling my modest home in South San Jose. After all, he is the "Santa Clara Real Estate Guy".
After interviewing three other agents, including a "local expert" who considers my neighborhood their "backyard", I decided to go with Mr. Brasil. And I'm very glad that I did. Why? In a word... value.
In the very competitive real estate market in Silicon Valley, selling a home is fairly easy and I found that most of the real estate agents I interviewed were complacent. A lot of them didn't think we needed to stage the home, do a video, have a nice handout or perform mild updates to get the best offers for my home. That didn't make sense to me. Vinicius offered all of these services to us in the listing for no extra cost. Not only were they included, but the quality of the work was exceptional and very timely. I felt that the offer we accepted over asking was a direct result of the extra effort that Vinicius' team expended. In closing, Vinicius Brasil has my highest recommendation and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone else that offers as much value, professionalism and personal attention to your listing.
Ed Wodzienski
1400 Bowe Ave, Unit 612, Santa Clara

Vinicius is your go-to person if you want to sell your property in this area! We needed to sell our before we can purchase our next one. Vinicius and his team helped us get ready for the open house very quickly -and also is very patient to answer us any questions and guided us through the selling process. Thumbs up!
Yingjie H
2383 Augusta Place, Santa Clara

My husband and I  interviewed 6 Real Estate Agent/Brokers and Vinicius and his team offered the best overall package.  Vinicius took charge and we never had to worry about anything. We were kept informed every step of the way.  We have already recommended him to our friends and family-- just in   case they know someone who wants to get top dollar for their house. We strongly believe we chose the correct agent for us. He is not called the Real Estate Guy for nothing!!
Elizabeth P
630 Hamilton Lane, Santa Clara

First of all he is a great person.  Easy to talk with, straightforward and honest.  His suggestions on how to prepare the house were very helpful.  We invested 22k and got 120k more in our final sale.  He handle all the details and workers.  Turned out great.
James Weyermann
3021 Mark Avenue, Santa Clara

Vinicius recommended several upgrades to our home and I took  his advise. I recommend you do the same. He can recommend a crew for upgrades to your home. I did use his recommended contractors and they did an amazing job.  I not only got the asking price, which I thought was higher than the house would sell for,  we got more than 10% over the asking price.  All of this was done in the summer.  People say the market is slow in the summer but you wouldn't know it by what happened for us. Multiple offers, all over the asking price. Seriously, if you are in the market to sell or buy, use Vinicius and you will be more than satisfied.  He truly is the Santa Clara Real Estate Guy
David Bradley
1695 Jackson Street, Santa Clara

Given my experience with Vinicius Brasil, I give my highest recommendation as he assisted me in selling my property. The questions I may have had at the time were addressed in a timely manner, especially with the situation I was in. My property being sold was a rental property and with his charismatic personality, it was a smooth process in regards to communication with the tenants. if ever put in the position of selling or purchasing another property. i will be sure to give Mr: Brasil a call.
Luis Mauss
2509 Hayward Drive, Santa Clara

Vinicius is a very astute Realtor and he is backed by a super admin team. We are so happy that we chose him to sell our Santa Clara property (2509 Hayward Dr). He provided very wise counsel on positioning and pricing. We recommend Vinicius with-out any hesitation.
George Hagen
229 Kiely Blvd, Unit B, Santa Clara

Vinicius helped us sell our Santa Clara condo and he exceeded all our expectations. We interviewed few agents before finalizing with Vinicius due to his knowledge of Santa Clara as well as extensive reach of his portfolio. He made it simple and not stressful. The staging made my home look fabulous and we were able to get many offers and sell for $150,000 over list price in one week. We highly recommend Vinicius as an extremely professional agent to work with. Vinicius is ultimate expert in bay area real estate market and we plan to utilize his (and his team, Thomas Feng) services for our future needs. Good luck!
Pravin Desale
2850 Mark Avenue, Santa Clara

We had seen “Open House, by Vinicius Brasil” signs around our neighborhood for many years. He obviously seemed to be a top realtor in the area. About a year before we were planning to sell, we first met Vinicius at an open house two doors down from our house. He had staged the home nicely and he presented himself with quiet confidence. We asked him if he could come over to look at our house to see what he thought needed work to get ours ready to sell. He had some good ideas and said he normally does these sorts of upgrades when he sells a home. 9 months later we called him to start the process. He was always willing to talk and he pretty much got the ball rolling on the ‘remodel’. He suggested new countertops and painting the cabinets in the kitchen. A fresh paint job inside and outside transformed the house into a real beauty. He fixed up the landscaping to improve the curb appeal factor. We joked about not selling because it looked so nice. Anyway, the house was on the market for only one week. The one weekend open house saw a huge turnout, over 60 groups looking. Vinicius really knows how to get the word out. We had multiple offers the next week and got top dollar. We are extremely pleased with our realtor selection! Vinicius Brasil seems pretty quiet when you first meet him, but he really works hard and knows how to sell houses. We highly recommend him. Buying or selling, he knows the Santa Clara real estate. You won’t be sorry.
James Kennon
3321 Pruneridge Ave, Santa Clara

We just sold our home with Vinicius and it was a great experience! He has a thorough knowledge of the Santa Clara market and understands what sells and how to optimize the sales price. Working with him was seamless and very, very easy. Since we are in the process of moving, he worked around all of our special needs (like keeping some furniture in the house for staging) and still produced a showroom product. Final result was that we sold our home within one week of listing and closed within 20 days of offer acceptance. Oh, I forgot to say that we listed our house on the high end of the scale and sold for $250K over asking. I can't recommend his advice, calm approach and execution more than enough! If you want to work with the ultimate professional, work with Vinicius.
John Hull
1343 Maryann Drive, Santa Clara

Vinicius has been my agent on two separate transactions, buy and sell side, and he's been fabulous. He's easy to work with, goes the extra mile, and has contacts on every side of the home improvement/maintenance spectrum to make buying or selling a house extremely simple. He's become a good friend,   even sharing a cup or dozen of coffee ;-) to just chat and catch up. We would highly recommend him!
Josue Fontanez
2966 Roma Court, Santa Clara

Vinicius helped us buy our current home in Santa Clara, CA last year off-market with the vision of remodeling it. It was just a simple and fabulous experience working with him and his team. Now that we have remodeled and settled into our new place, it was time to think whether we wanted to sell the old place or not (in Santa Clara). Vinicius was only person we contacted and he went through the pros and cons of selling our house based on our current situation and what we had planned for the future. We decided to sell the house and chose Vinicius as our representative. Vinicius just sold my Santa Clara home and I must say he exceeded all of our already high expectations. Vinicius came to the house and we made a list of things that needs to he renovated to make selling the house much earlier. We had our contractor do the work (Vinicius also provided a contractor's quote to do the job) but Vinicius handled all the materials, paint selection that made the house look great. Vinicius used to come often to ensure the work was done properly to his satisfaction. Vinicius and his team did the staging of the house and i have to say to that it is one of the best staging we have seen personally including 3-D view and drone picture capture of the neighborhood. He is extremely professional, great communicator, provided regular photo updates and much more. Vinicius worked with us to arrive a best possible listing price to maximize the traffic for agents and buyers. We had 23+ offers for the house and many more than 300K above asking price. Vinicius worked with us going through the buyers offers, conditions, financial situation to ensure that we accept the best possible offer. We closed the house in 25 days had the entire process was simple with us meeting the notary just once for the entire transaction time. We highly recommend Vinicius to anyone looking to sell or buy a home, as he is simply excellent to do business.
Ragu Krishnamurthy
10481 Pineville Ave, Cupertino

This review has been a long time coming but wanted everyone to know what a great experience I had using Vinicius Brasil expertise in selling my mom's home in Cupertino.  He had great ideas on what could be done for better return on investments. His excellent communication, negotiating skills and guidance helped make an overwhelming task of selling my family home less stressful. The staging team did a terrific job on making a 60 year old home look so chic and trendy.
Lori Kasteller
1689 Hood Court, Santa Clara

Vini stepped us through every possibility we might come up against when selling our home. He explained all the pros and cons of what to upgrade and what not to. He explained the value of each upgrade and how to accomplish it financially. Our home was one with small square footage. But with the upgrades and his group of professionals the staging made the house a show piece. We are deeply and sincerely grateful for his guidance and knowledge. My husband and myself will continue to recommend Vini to any and all who wish to buy or sell a home on the Bay Area.
Charlotte Hood
688 Bancroft Street, Santa Clara

"Vinicius helped to sell our home of 15 years. We interviewed several real estate agents from the South Bay and some through referrals. What we loved about Vinicius was that he was very down to earth and we had a high amount of comfort with him that he was going to do what was best for us from the start. He truly looks out for his clients and helps them maximize their chances of selling at a good price, even in tough markets. His contacts of contractors, gardeners, landscapers came in handy when it came to get our home ready for sale. He handled everything from start to finish and was in constant communication with us through the entire sales process. Vinicius is very fluent when it comes to tech marketing. The VR walkthrough of our house was tops and his home feature video made our house look amazing. I would highly recommend Vinicius Brasil for anyone looking to sell their home with a 5 star agent! Thank you Vinicius, we really appreciate everything that you have done for our family!"
Jeffrey Ting
1802 Henning Place, Santa Clara

"I worked with Vinicius to sell my house in Santa Clara, as I was relocating out of state. I was a bit concerned that I would be at a disadvantage selling from out of state, but he really put my mind at ease on that account during our initial consultation: he told me it would be no problem and he was right. The house needed some minor repairs, and I was really dreading having to deal with contractors to get that done, but Vinicius and his contacts got that taken care of quickly and efficiently without me having to lift a finger beyond letting the repair crew in the door while I was still living there. Vinicius also completely managed the pre-inspection and recommended some additional repairs based on that, all of which came in well below what I had originally been expecting. With that all done, the house sold within a week of listing, at a price I was happy with. When I was looking for selling agents, I was looking for someone that could just deal with everything so I wouldn't have to, and Vinicius definitely delivered on that!"

Michael Klarr
1432 Ridgewood Dr, San Jose

Professional, responsive and knowledgeable. I couldn't be more satisfied and would recommend him to all prospective clients, buyers or sellers.
Edward W
1935 Jackson St, Santa Clara

Vinicius came recommended and he turned out to be the right fit to help with the sale of my house. We worked closely together on the improvements needed and the clean up of the property. I turned to Vinicius and team for help with repairs, painting, staging, storage, hauling, and more. They were extremely accommodating, very polite, friendly, and professional. Vinicius sold my house within 1-week of it being on the market. I would recommend him to any friend or family member in need of a realtor. Thank you, Vinicius!
Georgia F
1700 Jeffery Ct, Santa Clara

Vinicius and his team did an outstanding job selling our parent’s home in Santa Clara. We interviewed several agents who claimed to be area experts that seemed to be more interested in talking about their accomplishments than anything else. We selected Vinicius based on his extensive knowledge and expertise of the market. He took the time to listen to us during the interview process to understand our concerns and expectations. He recognized the value of the property based on a number of key factors that enabled it to stand out above other homes in the area. He recommended a higher listing price than any of the other agents we met with and was able to obtain a final selling price well above listing price. Outstanding result!!! He provided value added services like disposal of furniture, arranging/managing the renovations, staging, and great photos of the property. He kept us updated throughout the process which was important since we do not live locally. If you want the best you need to work with Vinicius and the Brasil Group!
Kevin K
2731 Forbes Ave, Santa Clara

We met Vinicius on a Monday afternoon, and the next Tuesday we listed our house on the market. That explains how fast he can work with clients. With Vinicius we built a long lasting friendship rather than just a professional relationship. I have not met any realtor who is as knowledgable as him in the area he works in. He has in-depth knowledge about Santa Clara, where we sold our house. He was able to get all the right people in within a short notice and get our house ready, staged, marketed the right way and get the most attention, turning it into a sale within 8 days. He was super patient with us, he guided and explained to us everything we needed to know as first time sellers. He gave us such good insights about all the various cities in the Bay Area, he had our best interest in mind throughout. We feel we are so well equipped, thanks to Vinicius, to understand the market better, to know what we should be looking for when we buy the next house. His team and the people he works with all are genuine and go-getters like him. Please do reach out to him if you are in the market to buy/sell your house, you will get the best and stress free experience and will leave with a life-long friend.
Nikhil K