6 Steps to Moving to Santa Clara

6 Steps to Moving to Santa Clara

Believe it or not, a recent survey found that 45% of Americans said that moving was the most stressful event of their lives. It also discovered that they found it caused more stress than getting divorced or having children.

In spite of its many implications, moving doesn't have to be as overwhelming as we find it to be. As long as you plan carefully, you can smooth out the process and make it as pleasant an experience as possible, even in a popular neighborhood like Santa Clara.

Here are 6 steps to moving to Santa Clara you've got to know about.


Why Santa Clara?

Santa Clara is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is home to many established tech companies including Intel, Omnivision, and Texas Instruments. It's located only one hour south of San Francisco and just west of San Jose.

Museums, parks, and breweries abound in the area, so there is never a shortage of great ways to get out and about. You're also surrounded by plenty of lovely wineries and remain a short drive from the parks and attractions in Disneyland.

Santa Clara boasts relatively low crime and excellent educational opportunities. You'll also enjoy a warm climate and mostly sunny days throughout the year. 

Santa Clara homes include plenty of single-family units as well as townhomes and condos. You'll also enjoy plenty of places to shop, dine, and stroll. If you're looking for the bustling atmosphere of an urban neighborhood combined with the safety and beauty of the suburbs, you will love moving to the Santa Clara area.

1. Choose Your Neighborhood

There are a number of wonderful neighborhoods in Santa Clara County, so it's important to talk to your Santa Clara realtor about which one is right for you.

For example, Boulder Creek offers a lower cost of living than most cities in the state. There is also a lower crime rate and great educational opportunities. 

Scott's Valley is known for being a warm, friendly place with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. While the schools are highly rated, it also remains a popular neighborhood for young professionals and retirees. Scott's Valley is minutes from the beach and offers lovely views of the mountains.

If you're looking for a more bustling feel, you might want to look in an area like Los Gatos. Here, you'll find many beautiful homes, cultural activities, and shops to keep you busy. The cost of living is a bit higher than average, but many believe the lifestyle makes it well worth it.

2. Choose Your Home Type

The beauty of an area like Santa Clara County is that there isn't just one home type to choose from. Many families prefer single-family homes because they offer privacy and a backyard for children to play in. Homes in the area also offer many other amenities, including pools and outdoor dwelling units for additional living space.

Condos, however, also have their own advantages. They are generally more affordable than single-family homes and are often located close to business districts and local entertainment. You'll also enjoy community spaces like gyms, pools, or parks that are exclusive to condo owners.

You may also be interested in a townhouse, which allows you to be a part of a community without sacrificing space. You also won't have to worry about any exterior maintenance.

3. Check Out Homes 

Your realtor can show you all of the neighborhoods and home types Santa Clara has to offer.

Before making a final decision on where you want to live, make sure you've thought about important things like your budget. What can you realistically afford to spend each month on a mortgage, taxes, and utilities? You'll also want to consider things like groceries and transportation. 

Make sure your commute is comfortable. You'll also want to check out entertainment in the area if you plan on socializing a lot. Finally, narrow your search down to a few neighborhoods and home types that will best suit you.

4. Make an Offer

In today's competitive market, you'll want to make sure your offer on a home is competitive. Find out what prices homes in the neighborhood are going for, and get pre-approved to make sure your offer will have a higher chance of getting accepted. 

Consider offering your seller flexibility in terms of moving times in order to help your offer move to the top of the list. It's also important to be patient during a time when lots of folks are looking for a home.

5. Find a Qualified Mover

Before choosing a company to help you move, make sure you get lots of recommendations and check out reviews. Remember that you'll be entrusting them with some important things, and you'll want the big day to go as smoothly as possible. 

6. Settle In!

Of course, moving to a new neighborhood is also a very exciting time. Talk to the locals about the best local repairmen who can help you get your place move-in ready. This is also a great way to find out where to get take-out or enjoy an exciting life on the weekends.

Take your time with things like furniture and decor, as you'll be in your home for a long time. You'll want your house to be something you are comfortable and happy in for years to come!

6 Steps to Moving to Santa Clara

Moving to Silicon Valley is an exciting decision. If you follow our 6 steps to moving to Santa Clara, you'll be ready for your new home in no time.

Don't stop getting smart about Santa Clara real estate now. For more great options, contact us today. 

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