Is Santa Clara Safe? Everything You Need to Know Before You Move

Is Santa Clara Safe? Everything You Need to Know Before You Move

Quick, think about California's most popular cities! Los Angeles and San Diego may come to mind. But the population of Santa Clara has grown by 15% since 2010

If you want a comfortable city to live in, you should consider moving to Santa Clara. Yet you shouldn't pack your bags just yet. You need to answer a few safety questions first. 

Is Santa Clara safe, and what are Santa Clara's crime statistics like? What are the best neighborhoods to live in? What should you do to keep yourself safe?

Get the facts and you can find the right place to start a new life in. Here is your quick guide.

Santa Clara Crime Statistics

The Santa Clara city government posts crime statistics on its website every month. Between January and April 2022, nearly 1,300 serious crimes occurred in the city. 

The most common crime was larceny-theft, which occurred nearly 750 times. More than 150 vehicles were stolen and 26 residents experienced a robbery.

Violent crime levels in the city are currently very low. No homicides and 11 rapes have occurred thus far during the year. 

Over the last few years, crime rates in Santa Clara have remained relatively consistent. In 2021, less than 4,100 major crimes occurred in the city. This was slightly up from 2020's rates.

The city of Santa Clara has roughly 130,000 residents. The odds of you being involved in any crime are low, let alone a violent crime. 

Safe Santa Clara Neighborhoods

Though overall rates of crime in Santa Clara are low, some neighborhoods account for more crime than other areas. Neighborhoods around San Jose International Airport tend to have higher crime rates. These neighborhoods include Verona and Lafayette Americana.

The neighborhoods bordering Sunnyvale tend to be safer. Camino Del Prado, Santa Clara Southwest, and Agnew report consistently low crime rates. 

You can find options for homes in all of these neighborhoods. Camino Del Prado and Santa Clara Southwest offer many midsize homes, though sticker prices can exceed $1 million. Agnew offers larger single-family homes as well as townhomes.

All three of these neighborhoods are good neighborhoods for families. Agnew is located near several public schools, including Santa Clara High School. 

Ways to Stay Safe

You should not be afraid of crime while you are living in Santa Clara. However, you should adopt a few steps to reduce your risk of violent and property crime.

Avoid Walking Alone at Night

The less time you spend on the street, the less likely you are to fall victim to street crimes. The VTA light rail system runs through Santa Clara. You can use the railway system to access other cities in Santa Clara County and major locations like Santa Clara Airport. 

If you must walk to get to a destination, try going through a well-lit and heavily populated area. The areas around Route 101 and the San Tomas Expressway are well-lit and near popular businesses. 

You should also walk with someone else. If you can't find someone to go with, you can walk while you are on the phone with a friend or relative. 

Pay attention to your surroundings. Do not put in earbuds or look down at the crowd while you walk. Keep your head up and look around you as you cross the street or walk near an area where someone could be hiding.

Know Where the Police and Fire Stations Are

The main police building in Santa Clara is located at 601 El Camino Real. This is in the Rivermark neighborhood, which is adjacent to Agnew. 

The police department also has a substation at 3992 Rivermark Parkway. The substation is near Newhall and Chapman Morse, and officers at the station respond to any calls from south Santa Clara. 

Santa Clara also has ten separate fire stations scattered throughout the city. If you believe you are being followed, you should go to a station and report what is happening to you. You can send a report through the city government's website as well.

Lock Your Doors

Many thieves enter homes just because they are unlocked. Before you go out or while you are alone in your house, you should lock your doors and windows. 

You can leave a light on in your home to trick a burglar into thinking that someone is home. But many robbers are aware that people leave lights on to trick them. Consider leaving the television or radio on instead. 

You can also place objects in front of your windows to make it harder for someone to break in. You can plant bushes or thorny flowers underneath your windows and around the exterior of your home. Inside your home, you can slide tables and couches in front of your windows. 

A thief may try to trick you by knocking on your door. Do not answer your door if you are not expecting someone. If you must go to the door, answer with your phone in your hand so you can contact someone if anything happens to you.

So Is Santa Clara Safe?

Many people have questions about Santa Clara. Is Santa Clara safe?

Yes, though some areas are safer than others. You should avoid the neighborhoods around Santa Clara Airport, and you need to practice some commonsense safety guidelines. 

You should avoid walking the streets alone at night. Visit a police or fire station if you are being harassed, and lock your doors before you head out. Do not respond to someone knocking on your door. 

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