Buying a Home in Silicon Valley, CA

There are a few things more challenging than buying a home in the Silicon Valley.  Marketing people will tell you as a salesperson you should never make what you are trying to sell seem difficult to obtain, but the truth is you just can’t sugar coat the experience of buying a home here. Nevertheless, if you plan make this place home you're better off setting yourself up for success by getting familiar with the buying process before you begin your home search.

Who you work with matters- especially when it comes to submitting offers in Silicon Valley, we're here to help you navigate our competitive market.

Our Services

1. Personalized Search

Once your search criteria are established, we will search on your behalf looking for on-market MLS properties as well as off-market opportunities that fit your specific criteria.

2. Private Showings

Not just open houses- we will make time to schedule private showings when it is convenient for you. We will work around your schedule.

3. Property Analysis & Value Range

We will provide you with a Market Analysis and a Value Range for any property of interest to help determine an offer pricing.

4. Strategic Offers

We are experts in the purchase contract. Our goal is to present clean and strategic offers that put you in the strongest position
to purchase the desired property.

5. Post Close Service

Our work doesn't stop when you get the keys. We are committed to making your transition as smooth as possible, and helping you understand your new home.


1. Select the Right Agent

2. Research Neighborhoods and Marketplace

3. Get Pre-Approved

4. Find a Home and Review Disclosures

5. Make an Offer

6. Offer Results

7. Escrow Process

8. Closing

After You Close

Our work continues after we close, we provide:

  • A 1 Year Home Warranty
  • Help with coordinating improvements and repairs before move in
  • Access to our vendors such as handymen, painters, & movers
  • Going over the new systems such as thermostats, irrigation timers, and other maintenance details of the home you should know

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