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How to Prepare to Buy a House Santa Clara County

Finding and purchasing a home that will meet or exceed your expectiations is a BIG PROJECT,  it's often stressful and time consuming!  Which is why we believe in becoming your real estate advisor NOT your sales agent. 

Before you start looking for a home we have learned after serving 100's of buyers that there are some important decisions that a buyer should be make way in advance to increase the fun of finding the best home, reduce all the stressors and time wasting driving around town or worse spending all night flipping through homes online.  

The following is a taste of what we cover in a "research phase" buyer consultation, you can book one by calling 408-634-9133 we can do it over the phone, video conference or in person.

First Steps- How to Prepare to Buy a Home in Santa Clara County

  • Research which lender would give you the cheapests loan at the best rate?
  • Create a plan with your lender adviser on how to position yourself to be attractive to the lending market.
  • Discover your desired lifestyle qualities that are most important to you in a home & community?
  • Learn about how your purchasing power translates accross the different communities.
  • Understand the different types of properties available, review the pros & cons.
  • Narrow down the cities/zip-codes as much as possible, or all the way down to neighborhoods & communities.
  • Organize your "saved searches" so that you don't waste tons of time flipping through junk.
  • Set yourself up on a new listing saved search & a sold listing search.


Read our Buyers Guide HERE.

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